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Sunday, June 17

iOS 6 - Improve SIRI

There are a few improvement with SIRI that comes with the up-coming iOS 6. Here are a few features that you will get from the iOS.

Siri on Sports

Now Siri can get you answer if you asked for results or game schedules from EPL, Spanish League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, German Bundeliga to NBA, NFL and even WNBA to name a few. 

Siri on Movies
If you like movies, now Siri can answer to all your movies trivia. Just ask Siri on any upcoming movies or past or actor's bio. You have the full list of them in your hand now. 

Siri on Restaurant
Now you can ask Siri to recommend you restaurants around your area based on ratings, pricing and locations. It is now integrated with Yelp and OpenTable which means that you are able to see the rating of the restaurants before you go over. Even pictures.

Siri on Social
Now you can ask Siri to upload your status or post your tweets to Facebook and Twitter.

Now you can finally ask Siri to launch your apps. Yes, most of the apps mentioned above is possible by using some apps by Cydia as I am using it now. But it's good that Apple finally decided to integrate these features as standard stock for Siri and improving it. 

Siri is Eyes Free
You can now ask Siri to read your notification, read mails or SMS while you are driving which they called Eyes Free. And Apple is now in talk with car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, GM, Toyota, Honda to name a few to integrate the Siri activation button onto the steering wheel. So you can talk with Siri without even have to look at the screen (which is not lighted up).

Siri is Multilingual
Finally Siri will be able to support more language such as Mandarin and Cantonese. Cool~!

I think watching the video below by GottaBeMobile is a lot more easier than reading what I wrote on top. Can't wait to get this improve Siri on the new iOS 6. 

Wednesday, June 13

iOS 6 - Call Features

Here are some of the feature that you are expecting from the new iOS 6 update. Actually it's kinda nifty to have if I do say so myself. Normally when a calls comes in we can choose to 1) accept 2) decline 3) ignoring it. But now with the new iOS, we have the option to 1) Reply with Message 2) Remind Me Later. In Reply with Message, we can choose to reply with a standard message of 1) I'll call you back 2) I'm on my way and you can even customize what you want to reply to the caller. 

As for Remind me Later, we will be reminded 1hour later to call back to the caller via the Reminder app. You can choose between a few choices stated above but some of the requires you to set the Location service to be on to get the right notification. 

Next we have the Do Not Disturb feature. It means that you can now stop all calls from coming in. Hence you can divert your calls to voice mail or notification only. You can toggle this feature through Settings. You can also Schedule when you wanna Enable this function. You have the option to only let certain people to call in via "Allow Calls From" feature. You can use the Group or Favorite list of people you had created in your phone to this feature. Which is really neat, since I had created a few groups in my own contact list :) Another feature is called "Repeated Calls" which means that it will allow the caller who called you repeatedly within 3 minutes will get through to you as they treat it as an emergency call. No there is NO BLACKLIST feature yet. But I think a lot of you guys out there would really like this function on their phone :) 

iOS 6

My i4S is still running on iOS 5.0.1 right now. Why not 5.1.1? Nothing much to talk about from my current iOS to the latest I would say. Since my eye would be on the latest iOS 6 which boost  a lot of changes to the current iOS. I am not going to go into details on the features but let the videos do the talking itself. 


App Store:
These are just some of the features updates. I will keep you all posted for anything new. The iOS 6 can be downloaded but mostly it's for developers testing on their apps. So the million dollar question would be, is it possible to JB? The answer is YES. It's already been JB. But then again it's too early to get your hopes now. I think Apple will definitely patch things up before the official launch of it. But I have faith in the DevTeam to do their best in what they do. Ciao~! 

Tuesday, April 17





Thursday, March 15

The Waiting

I had been waiting for this car to be launch for weeks. Well weeks turn to months actually. Yup, I had decided to change my car recently. Initial choices were:

1) Nissan Selphy 2.0 for 114K. They even have throw in the GPS and Impulse body kit FOC. As usual higher resell value on my current car and special 2-3K discount. But then most of my friends recommended not to get it.

2) Toyota Wish 1.8 (recon) for 120K-130K. Decided to go for MPV at this point. Went to Naza to surveyed and found out that there's no warranty for recon cars. A bit worried and decided to call off the decision.

3) Perodua Alza 1.6 Premium for 64K. I am actually 90% decided to get this car and even sent my current car for revalue. But decided to put it on hold at the very last minute since I decided to wait for the next car which is

4) Hyundai Elantra 1.6HS which has been delayed for such a long time. This car has been available since last year but due to pricing issue between SD and government side, this car has been in the warehouse for so long. The car was put on display on road show for so long now. Speculated price would be 95K for the 1.6 HS and 1.8 would be 115K. Now the date that they set for launching would be 28 March. Hopefully they won't delay it again since Proton had just launched their P3-21A.

Tuesday, January 31

Please Help

It's been a while since my last post. Really getting more and more lazy these days. Today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year, and I think most of the people still are feeling a bit moody and not ready to start work. This year's CNY wasn't as packed as my previous one which is good. It means that I can relax more and do what I like most, EAT. I ate like 3 meals from morning till lunch time. Hopefully I don't gained that much from this festive season. So what's happening through out this month? There's happy stuff and there's some not so pleasant. One in particular would be my friend's pet, Miki went missing during the CNY. 

So I wanna just shout out to everyone who read my blog here to give a look out for her. Her name is Miki and she's 4 years old Miniature Schnauzer. She was last seen on 24th Jan along Jalan Koko and Jalan Sukun Taman Lian Seng, Kluang around noon. She is wearing a red color collar with a bell on it. The picture above is the most recent picture taken during this CNY. 

Someone spotted a car picking up a small dog around Jalan Koko/Sukun on the same day with a registration number of WDA 6176. It's a Green Proton Saga with is registered at 23, Jalan Talapoa, Taman Indah Jaya, Kluang. If you know the owner please do give my friend a call at 0192715323. Rewards will definitely be provided for those who return the dog to the rightful owner. 

Monday, January 16

Johor Premium Outlets @ Indahpura

Finally I managed to pay Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) a visit last week during my monthly journey down South. You can actually see the place from North-South after passing the Senai (U) exit. It's actually quite simple to reach the place. You just exit Senai (U), then take the Tuas Exit and finally Indahpura Exit. From here on you can just follow the direction since you can see the outlet from here. Parking was not an issue and the fee is RM3 per entry. 

Once entering the main entrance (since there's a few actually at the side), you can see a lot of outlets on both side. There's even Maybank around for you to get some cash right away. 

Burberry Boutique

Armani Boutique

The place is divided into upper street and lower street. On the lower street you have the usual brands like Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Braun Buffel and lots more to choose from. 

Towards the end, we have the Nike Store. 

Plenty of shoes to choose from but nothing really fancy me here. Can't get my training glove too. Sigh~!

Starbucks is here together with Coffee Bean, Baskin Robbins, Crispy Crepe, Kampachi Japanese restaurant and a few not so familiar names. 

Charles & Keith Reduction Boutique

Levi's Boutique 

A/X, CK and DKNY are on the same row. 

Other than Nike, they offer Adidas and Puma too. 

Here are some of the sales at Braun Buffel during my trip. 

Sales items are off season but who cares. The discount ranges from 30-70%. 

Wallets are normally 20-50% discount here. 

For bigger items like bags, it ranges from 40-50%.

Surprisingly the 70% are for their shoes. 

If you are hungry after a long shop, there's a big air condition food court with various type of dishes for you to dine in. 

Actually if you don't mind getting off season's items, this is definitely a good place for good bargains. At least it's 100% genuine. For items like bed sheets (Akemi) or sports clothing, we don't really care if it's season or off-season right? Was told that it would be crowded but was surprised that it wasn't when I arrive. Maybe it's a weekday during lunch hour. Do give this place a visit if you are around the area.

Designer Fashion & Sportswear 

436Armani Exchange
334Armani Outlet
220Brooks Brothers Factory Store (Opening Soon)
434CK Calvin Klein
508Cotton On
416G2000 Outlet
528Gap Outlet
426La Senza Lingerie
430Lacoste Outlet
524Levi's Outlet Store
232Michael Kors
1000Nike Factory Store
100Padini Outlet Store
212Pink Jambu
604Polo Ralph Lauren (Opening Soon)
418Poney Outlet
222Raoul (Opening Soon)
414Rip Curl
330Salvatore Ferragamo Company Store
234Shanghai Tang
216Tommy Hilfiger (Opening Soon)
308Universal Traveller
224Versace (Opening Soon)
606Zegna Outlet Store


512Charles & Keith Reductions
304Pedro Outlet

Accessories & Jewelery 

412City Chain
214Evita Peroni
324Swiss Watch Gallery (Opening Soon)
306Tomei (Opening Soon)
320Wear + When (Opening Soon)

Fine Leather & Luggage 

312Bonia (Opening Soon)
408Carlo Rino
230Coach Men's
310Samsonite Factory Outlet

Gifts & Speacilty Items
302Cosmetics & Designer Fragrances
206Fidani Chocolate
318Royal Selangor
522The Body Shop Outlet
210The Cosmetics Company Store (Opening Soon)

Food & Beverages
1002Absolute Thai
401Crispy Crepe
204George & Dragon Café
504Kampachi Japanese Restaurant
200Starbucks Coffee
500The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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