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Thursday, January 29

Restaurant Ong Kee

So this is my first try over this place at Ipoh town during my CNY escapade. There were actually another famous restaurant (Lou Wong) which is just next to this but it was full so we just try our luck on this one. The place is called Ong Kee Restaurant. As usual, they sell bean sprout with steamed chicken served in both kuet teow soup or rice.

The bean sprout was crunchy and juicy but the size is smaller than it used to be. I remembered the size of the bean sprout if way bigger than this. The size here is around the same as the one in KL for me. But other than that, I have no comment on it.

We had waited so long for this main dish to come. We practically chased the lady boss for our chicken that day. And when finally the dish arrived, I just took one shot of it and dig in. Fresh and soft. That is what I think. I think all Ipoh's chicken or bean sprout are added with pepper on top. I like the touch of the simple pepper as it add a bit of spice to it.

The restaurant was really packed and we're actually really pissed with the service at that point. As we had finished off our bean sprout and still waiting for the chicken. Other than that it was a alright. How much does it cost? I'm not if we really did paid. Since we called for the lady boss so long and no one layan us. I think one of my babe's aunt paid. Or I hope they did. As I was running towards my car as they are setting up the night market at the place I was parking. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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