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Thursday, February 12

Chez Papa French Bistro - Johor

Was driving around town looking for a good place for dinner when I saw this small restaurant next to the busy road of Tebrau. It's called Chez Papa French Bistro. Was attracted by the sign board and my interest in European cuisine.

I had always wanted to try out a French cuisine but never had the chance. Interior decoration was really warm and quiet. Some old french Broadway songs being played at the back ground.

You can see so many olive oils and herbs all around the restaurant. Was greeted by a waitress who offer to show me their special for the day. And guess what, one of their special for the day was their foir gras. Yes, it's serving at RM64/70grams.

Once seated in house bread was served with some cheese. The bread was so fresh and so crunchy. Nice~!

Soupe des Bois. It's actually home made musroom soup. This is what I call a real musroom soup. After tasting this, I don't think that I can sip another bowl of mushroom soup elsewhere. (RM9)

Escargots a la Bourguignonne. Snails baked with traditional French way with garlic, butter and pasley. I won't miss a chance to order escargot when I see one. Ordered half a dozen to try it out. Fresh and juicy. Really like the combination of the garlic, butter and pasley with lotsa olive oil. RM18/half a dozen

When I saw the equipments before the escargot was served, I know these guys know what they are serving over here. Boy with his silverware playing around all night.

As you can see, the escargot was so fresh and juicy with lots of pasley and butter wrapping around it. Juicy!!!

Before the main dish was served, was told that they had another side of the restaurant which served liquor and wines. They called it the wine room and wine is what they have. The ambiance was so nice and nice. Imagine dining and sipping your favourite wine under this ambiance.

I can see wine everywhere. They have god knows how many wine chiller and racks. There are wine list of over 80 world class wines, over 20 different types of imported beers and international cocktail menu. They also served tapas such as homemade sausages, smoked salmon canapés, charcuterie platters, cheese boards and more

Entrecote oux Poivrex. This is my main for the night, Chez papa's signature sirloin steak with a fresh pepper cream sauce served with baked potato. I like my meat medium well and that is what I got. Damn the meat was so nicely cooked that I was really amazed. The black pepper on top was a nice touch as it mixed with the pepper sauce and the red meat. What missing is a good wine to go with the steak. RM45

Was lucky to be able to meet with the head chef of the place, and no his name is not Papa. The chef of the restaurant is Dominique Muller. He was born in Colmar, France and trained as a Chef in Nice. He has been around the world, working at Le Souffle in London and Maxim de Paris in Singapore among others.

I was really satisfied with the whole dinner and there wasn't anything that I can complain bout the food or the place. Simply nice. And by the time I was leaving the place started to be packed. Even the bistro next door was packed with patrons. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

Address: 38 & 40, Jalan Jaya,
Taman Maju Jaya,
80400 Johor Bahru,
Contact: 07-333 4988

Operating hours
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm
Tapas: 5.00pm to 12.00am

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Catherine said...

I'm not very fond of escargots but the steak au poivre looks delicious. I know why this restaurant has a mediterranean style (Chef Dominique Muller was trained in Nice). Great French food experience !

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