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Monday, February 9

Garden @ 1U

Found this new place while looking for a place for lunch today at 1U. The place is located next to Studio R behind the escalator. It's a new restaurant and the place is connected to the Voir Shop next to it (I think).

We had opted for their set lunch as we wanted to survey around before ordering the other more expensive foods. There are 6 types of set lunch which customers could choose from which come with a soup and drink. Other then the mentioned below sets, they also serve Nasi Lemak Set (RM12.90) and Turkey & Pineapple Sandwich (RM15.90)

I had opted for their ice lemon tea. Portion was generous and we all like the spoon with the flower on the tip.

This is the bosch soup which come with the set. It's normal nothing much special bout it. A bit special where they serve the soup in a tea cup. Strange?

I had ordered their Spaghetti Carbonara set lunch with sliced turkey. Presentation was nice but portion was on the stingy side. Once I saw the portion, I know I am not gonna be full after the lunch. So I take my first bite into the spaghetti and tasted nothing. Well maybe it's just me but the pasta was really plain and a bit tasteless. Quite disappointed. (RM17.90)

This is the Garden Black Pepper Chicken Chop which also look very nice and tasty. Portion wise was moderate and the taste of black pepper was strong. So it's not bad and quite worth the money you pay for it. (RM17.90)

This is the Butter Ginger Dorry Fish. The fish was really soft and fresh. Butter was plenty but still a bit plain for the taste bud. But this is a good meal for those who like their fish fresh and good. (RM16.90)

This is the Spaghetti Aglio Ed Olio With Shrimp. This dish too look very appertizing but lack on the taste. Prawns were large and fresh and plenty too. Portion of the pasta is the same the first which was very little. Taste of olive wasn't that strong but still alright. But I like my aglio olio to be strong in olive and chilies bits. (RM17.90)

Once entered the place, you can feel a bit like entering a secret garden with a lot of flowers and decorations with an all white piano in front of the place. The place is still very new but I can see there's a lot of customers and it's practically full house when we're about to leave that time. I especially like the all white I.D of the whole place. Looked so peaceful and calm. Definitely a good place for a nice laid back with friend chatting or reading a nice novel.

Overall the place do serve some nice food but if you're hungry please do order something ala-carte which I believe the portion would be larger. And for the taste wise, I guess they are still new and still experimenting with the engredients? It's a nice place to sit back and enjoy some company of friends. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

PS: Sorry pictures a bit blur cause forgot to bring my trusty DC, hence opted my SE instead.

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