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Monday, July 7

Restaurant Malaysia Ngok Lan Kajang Satay - Kajang City

As I am in Kajang after some site testing with my technician. So I had suggested to have lunch over there. What to eat? Either Nasi Briyani or Satay. My guy said up to me. So I choose Satay as I didn't have one for so long. So it's either Restaurant Malaysia or Hj. Samuri. Malaysia was nearer so I choose to eat there. The place is located opposite the police station (well sort of) and it's after the Shell Station (coming from Cheras). It's a corner lot, so you can't miss it.

I can't remembered how many times had I tried this place, but one thing for sure. I am back, so it should be good. haha~! Let's go to the food. I had ordered 20 sticks of chicken and 10 sticks of beef. The chicken & beef cost 60cents per stick. They also offers mutton which cost 80cents per stick and duck for 90cents per stick (if memory served me right).
The different between Hj. Samuri's satay and M'sia is the meat that they use. The latter use some non fat chicken meat while Hj. Samuri's meat consists of fats and also some over burn. Well actually I like some fats and over burn on my satay to be honest. What? That is how satay is to me. It can't be too skinny and all. OK, to put it simple, M'sia satay more healthy and Hj. Samuri's satay looks more like satay for me. haha~!!! Weird, I know.
Another important part of eating satay is the sauce. For me I like thick peanut sauce with a lot of spicy chilly belacan. But over here at M'sia their sauce wasn't that thick and not that hot. As for Hj. Samuri, it's all that I said above. You can even add as much spice into the sauce as you wanted. Sweet~! One weird thing that I found out is that, they charge the cucumber and onions separately as side dishes, 50cents each. Clense it all down with one cool glass of sugar cane. Perfect~!
Why do I still choose M'sia rather than Haji Samuri? Well, good question. Cause it's near for one and it's not that pack and the enviroment also cleaner and not that hot. haha~! See, enviroment is very important also. The whole meal cost me RM 22.50. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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