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Saturday, August 23

Local Delights - Back Lane off Jalan Pasar

It was 10pm when I reached Jalan Pasar. I had wanted to bring my girl to this back lane which sell a lot of local delights. We browsed around and she decided to eat some 'lok lok' since it's raining at that time. I had never tried this stall out before. Yes, I had been to this back lane a few times with different girls and friends. lol~! We ordered around 12 sticks of food and it cost us RM16. The chilly sauce which they provide was really nice. Food wise was alright. Nothing spectacular but just alright. So we walked to the end of the stall and saw a lot of other food. There was this stall selling desserts including their famous ABC and Cendol (Chinese style). There was also this stall selling fried taufu which is quite famous. Further down were some char kuey teow and also pork noodle stalls. At the other end of the lane, you can find the famous porridge shop which is just next to the intersection. Trust me, you can't miss it, the uncle will kept on calling, Porridge, Porridge, Porridge. Opposite the shop is still famous Chee Cheong Fun stall and next to it is the Yau Char Kuey stall. Further down you can see the most famous stall selling their Fried Chicken. Yes, people queue to buy they fried chicken. Tried before, well let's just say it's different in a good way. So for those who like local delights, do drop by here and try it yourself.

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