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Thursday, September 4

No.1 Nasi Lemak - SS2

Guess what's for breakfast? You can guess from the above picture that I had nasi lemak for breakfast just now. This has got to be the best nasi lemak I had in P.J. It had been a while since I last visited the place as it's located opposite the SS2 police station. It's at the corner away from the petrol station. You can't miss it, you will see a long queue at this stall every morning. My first visit was 6 years ago during my first stint in PJ.

Yes, their food will be sold out around 10.30am every morning. Business is really that good even on Puasa day. Proof? Well here's the status of their dishes when I arrived just now around 10am. Their fast moving dish is the bottom left chicken curry. I don't really fancy that but it's the No.1 dish over there and also their squid. They also offer fried chicken (so-so), beef and also cockles.

So as usual, I had my beef curry with mix curry sauce with extra peanuts and anchovies, eggs and cucumber. This is what I called a filling breakfast. This is how we Malaysian eat our nasi lemak. lol~! This is how it looks like before unwrapping it.

Here's how the nasi lemak looks like after unwrapping it. Super delicious and mouth watering nasi lemak. I need to really do some extra cardio and resistance classes this week or for a matter of fact from this week onwards. lol~! The nasi lemak cost me RM5. Not expensive I guess for a morning breakfast. I added extra rice somemore. Highly recommended for those who like to eat nasi lemak minus the spice in it. Yup, their sambal not that spicy, hence you can see a lot of chinese customer at this stall. They're close every Sunday. (Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0)

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

can i know any landmark of this place?

BaBy OcTopUs said...

there is only one police station at SS2. And this stall is just opposite the entrance of the police station. or u can say it's beside the petrol station. :)

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