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Saturday, March 28

Bellygood @ Dataran Mentari

Finally decided to go over Bellygood after some time of delaying. The restaurant is located at Dataran Mentari opposite Yuen Steamboat and in between two steamboat restaurants. This is definitely a place for pork lovers (like me) and the price is on the safe side to.

Ordered a pot of Earl Grey to cleanse our thirst upon arrival. So nice to see that they did supply a pot of brown sugar to go with the pot. Other than teas, they do served wine, imported beers and also juices. (RM 6.90/pot)

To warm up our belly before the main dish, I had ordered their soup of the day which is the mushroom soup. It comes with a slice of garlic bread too. Minced mushroom rather then those can type mushroom which we drink else where. Nice~! (RM 8.30)

I had ordered a started for both of us to share before the main. This is one of the must eat dish in the restaurant, Sausage Platter. There are 4 types of sausages in the platter which consists of grilled pork chorizo, chicken chorizo, pork oriental and spicy Hungarian. It's served with fries (my favourite) and thai chilli sauce. Juicy and nice to bite into. But the taste is a bit too salty for me on the chicken chorizo I think. But the rest was good. (RM 26.90)

This is definitely a must order if you drop by this place. It's one of their house specialty, Grilled Pork Belly. It's succulent grilled pork belly marinated with pekin sauce served with coleslaw (a bit dry and not that cold) and mashed potatoes (no garlic, sad). They do recommend Merlot from Columbia Crest to go with the pork. First bite into the meat and I was amazed. It was so soft and lean at the same time. It's like eating Char Siew the Western style. Since it's pork belly so their practically using the same part as Char Siew. Half lean and half fat, bite by bite, it's so succulent. (RM 21.90 for Regular)

Overall the place do served some really decent and nice food which do not cut deep into your wallet. The total bill only comes to RM73 for all of the above. And they do serve Movenpick ice cream if you want dessert. We were famish at the end of the meal. Definitely will be going back again to try out their other dishes like the Grilled Pork Chop and Grilled Pork Ribs. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

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