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Saturday, April 4

Hao Jie Seafood Steamboat Restaurant

Got a phone call from my ex-colleague for food tasting tonight. It's a new dessert shop in Kepong area. But before that, we decided to have dinner. So he had suggested Ho Jie Steamboat restaurant. It's said that it's origin from Pulau Ketam. These days, they all said it's from Pulau Ketam. Gimmick?

Fish slices which was really fresh.

Pork balls and fish ball with minced pork. I heard that most of the fish balls and also other variety of food is prepared in house. So it's really fresh.

We had also ordered some fried Yong Tau Foo. Nice~!

Golden Mushrooms are a must for steamboat. It's not those that sticks together that I normally had in other restaurant. So it's not cold storage stuff.

What is steamboat without some fresh green to go with it. There's also bean curd and also prawns, the usual yee mee, mee hoon and eggs.

So add everything on top and we got one pot of hot seafood which is boiling and ready to go into our hungry stomachs. The soup was fresh but still tasty. Overall it's an over the average steamboat restaurant. Service is good and the place is always full house. It's located opposite Carrefour in Kepong same row as Papa Rich Coffee Shop on the other end. The whole meal cost us RM 99nett for 5 person. It's RM13.50/pax but we did ordered some extra pork balls and golden mushrooms and some other stuff. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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