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Sunday, February 15

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Solaris Mount Kiara

This is my 4th visit but first dinner over at Tenji. The booking was for 12 pax at 6pm but the guy on the phone had made a mistake and only booked a table for 6 pax for us. So the staff were looking for extra table for us. The final count was 9 at the end and we maanged to get our table at the end of the corridor near to the toilet. We don't mind the distance as we wanted to get a feel of the out door experience and enjoy the scenery while we eat .

Food was not to say that different from the lunch buffet that I had before. Coconut is still the same, where we need to wait for a while for them to replenish the stock, which I had 8 tonight. Was disappointed that we didn't see any soft shell during dinner time. It was available during lunch. Sushi wan't that much of a choice compared to Jogoya but I am not a sushi lover so no complaint over there. The rest should be around the same and there wasn't any special VIP dishes tonight as they are doing some promo of stuff. So even though my friend is a VIP, we didn't get any special dish like Jogoya have.

What I did see was an additonal grilled lamb stall outside. There were a long queue of people waiting for their piece of meat. But nothing special to me as I had tried this during my first visit. The variaty of food wasn't that much and the quality of their food isn't as good as the time I visited the first time. Some of my friend did say that they preferred Jogoya. So it all depends on individual, but for me it's a dinner well paid as we had only paid RM67nett for the whole dinner. This is because the birthday boy is a VIP and he used his cash voucher all together. So just wanna say thanks again to Hor and wishes him a Happy Birthday.

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