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Sunday, July 20

Restaurant Makanan Laut Telok Gong - Klang

This was the first time I had brunch over at Telok Gong. It was around 11.30am when we arrived. I had suggested to eat at Restaurant Telok Gong since I had tried the other two (Greenery and Coconut Flower). There were five of us including me, so Eric had given me the green light to order. Cool~!

First dish, Lala in Fried Bee Hoon. This is definitely better than the one that I had in Coconut Flower last week. The second dish I ordered was the Hokkien Mee. Ok la, it's not as good as Ah Wah or Damansara Uptown (and b'cause it's lack pork) but still OK la. My favourite vegetable, Yau Mak is the only green this morning. It's simple but they really make the dish taste really good. My favourite seafood, Mantis Prawn in Kong Pow. It's very crunchy and the portion was really large. Nice~! I was munching away till he last bite. I had ordered additional 3 dishes as Eric said it wasn't enough and wanted to try more seafood. So I had ordered the Kepah in Supreme Soup. I am not sure what is the taste and all as I don't really fancy the soup and all. But from the feedback, it's quite good.

This is the Salty Egg Crab which I'd ordered. Damn it's nice. I seldom praise any crab but this is quite the different story. Although it's Salty Egg but they added some sugar in it, so it tasted a but sweet at the same time. Nice~!Last dish of the day, I had a difficulty deciding either to order their Nestum or Butter Milk Prawns. So what better but to mix them both together in one plate. Well I mean half Nestum, half Butter Milk in this case. The Nestum Prawns was really fantastic compared to the plain Butter Milk Prawns.

The whole meal cost me RM 180.00 plus all the drinks (coconut, soft drinks and one bottle of Tiger beer). Eric said cheap, so what more could I say. Since it's claimable. LOL~!!!
(Rating : 4.0 out of 5.0)

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