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Saturday, January 19

Restaurant Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee @ Kota Damansara

It was a weekend and I had suggested that we eat something spicy and what came to my head was Chilly Pan Mee. I had tried this place out once with BQ not long ago. Well today I brought Romiko over and I intend to wallop some nice freaking spicy pan mee. lol~! The one that I tried was from Jln TAR or Lorong Haji Talib in KL but this is one of the similar type which I found in PJ area. There were one which I had introduce not long back in Uptown, which tasted not that nice.

But this one is really nice and spicy. Did I mentioned that the chilly was really spicy? haha~! Ya very very spicy. Take it from a guy who eat chilly since 4 yrs old. When I say it's spicy it's really spicy. OK enough bout the spicy part. Romiko had ordered their Soup type Mee Hoon Kueh. But as you can see she had added some chilies into the soup. Looks nice ler .. hehe~! For mine, always with extra chillies. The pan mee comes with minced pork and also some green and definitely an egg half boil. Nice!!! My way of eating it is mixing the chillies onto the pan mee and mix it all around. With the egg all mix with the minced pork and also chillies, the pan mee looks so appetizing. As you can see from the picture. Tell me your mouth not watering right now?
This time around, I had ordered a soup with wan ton and also other Foo Chuk and also Dumplings. Nice!!! Very filling. The lunch cost me around RM 20 over. But it worth it. Really filling. And the Pan Mee is so so so nice~!!! So for those who like Pan Mee and wanna try Spicy type and don't wanna travel down KL. So come over this place and try it out. Highly recommended. (Rating : 4.0 out of 5.0)

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