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Sunday, November 16

Jonker Dessert - The Museum Cafe

Sorry for the late update on my food entry but I was really busy with both my work and hectic weekends. Let's get back to the menu now. Last weekend I was so excited as me and my group of friends from gym had decided to go for our annual makan trip down Melaka. So here's one of the shop which we found something good to eat. The place is located along Jonker Street and the name is Jonker Dessert.

This is the one of the few stalls inside this shop selling Cendol.
This is the stall which we ordered the Curry Laksa and also my Dried Pork Noodle. I don't really fancy curry laksa that much but from the feedback from my girl, it's not bad. But the noodle do taste like curry noodle more than laksa for her. (RM3.50)
What is one of the food that you can't miss when you're in Malacca? Cendol and in this case, Baba Cendol. The special thing bout this cendol is the syrup they used. It's Gula Melaka. So it's really sweet and tasty. (RM 1.70)
Last but not least my dried pork noodle. To my surprised it wasn't that bad. I didn't have high hope on it as the place wasn't famous for any of their noodle. But surprisingly it's quite good and they even added extra minced pork for me without any extra payment. Cool~! (RM3.50)

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