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Sunday, September 7

Piccadilly Restaurant - Millenium Tower

It was Saturday night and the rain was still pouring down like cats and dogs. We had dinner with Romiko's school mates last night. It's a post birthday dinner for her. So after some ding dong here and there, we ended up at a place called Piccadilly Restaurant at Millennium Tower. It's in Seksyen 14 in PJ somewhere behind the old abandon Cold Storage. Need to say that this is not my first visit here as I had been here since the first day they had opened 2 years back or so. But he place had changed a lot with some additional menu at the place. My eyes were going up and down when I looked at the menu which are filled with a lot of type of foods. For starter I had ordered their Cream Soup with Garlic Bread. The looked was not bad. Soup was definitely from a can of Campell soup. It's too watery. They added too much water to the soup. Garlic bread was really nice with a lot of butter and garlic but it's very soft. Maybe it's pre-prepared quite some time ago. (RM3)
At the end I had decided to have a Fettuccine Cabonara with Turkey Ham. The outlook was quite alright. Cream not that thick but still decent. Scent of cheese was a bit weird. I am not sure what type of cheese did that used. Turkey was tender and not dry. Pasta was cooked to perfection and not that hard. But overall it's just so so. There's a scent in the pasta which I can't describe, I think it's the cheese. I am not sure. (RM11)As for Romiko she had decided on their Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce. The chicken was not bad and it's very tender. The sauce was normal. Coleslaw was really thick and nice. Fries is fried fresh when ordered so it's still hot. (RM8.80)
Before we entered the place we saw this Chicken Tandoori on the outside menu and it's so cheap and looked so delicious. So we decided to order one and try it out. To our surprised, it's not bad at all. The chicken was really soft and tender. The curry scent was just right with the mint curry at the side. Yes, that super green color thingy is the mint.(RM5)
What a filling dinner we had. The place was almost full at around 10pm and the place served beers too. So it's suitable for happy hour also. The music is nice and the price is really reasonable also. Wide range of varieties to choose, from Ulu Yam Loh Mee to Italian Pasta to Local Nasi Lemak to India Roti Naan and lots more. So don't worry if the place serve what type of food. You just worry what food to order when you saw the menu. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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