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Monday, May 4

Gurney Drive @ Penang Island

This is the second makan location which we all 'hit' during our trip up North, Gurney Drive a.k.a Sun Kwan Chai Kok. The place as you can see is too pack with people as early as 6pm. This place is so commercialize because of their local foods and over rated by the patrons. But nevertheless, we give this place a try too since it's a must visit location for tourists. And well, we're tourist.

When I arrived, I saw this uncle was so busy cooking the Char Kuey Teow without stopping. I think we can't really order anything else but Char Kuey Teow. Well since it's a must order, so this would be my 2nd plate of Char Kuey Teow of the day.

So this is the Char Kuey Teow which so many people were so eager to try. There is not much color in it but plain red from the chilly paste. There is a lot of prawns in this plate (or rather plastic container), around 6 pieces I think. But the taste was totally disappointing. Sigh~! RM3.50/plate

Popiah from one of the stall nearby. The skin was really think and taste was on the plain side. RM2/plate

I was informed that there is only two stalls selling Muachi over here. And we had ordered the one from the 'uncle' rather from the 'auntie' which I heard was the right choice. And truly it's not bad to eat. I am not so into this food but still a good snack to munch once in a while.

We had also ordered the Steam Squids with Kangkung. This is not my favorite dish too as I am not so into it. But I heard that it wasn't that nice too.

The best Rojak stall over here would be called G.P but it wasn't open that day so we opted for another stall which was just alright. Please make sure that the sauce to be separated from the fruits when you order so that the sauce won't be watery before you finish the dish.

Tempted to try this one out as I heard it was something special over here (Penang). No, it's not Chicken Satey but look further down.

Yes, it's Satey Intestine. I think it's pork's intestine in this case. This is my first bite into spare parts. As I am not so into spare parts at all. Well how do I describe this, it's very soft and juicy. Very different from the chicken or beef which I tasted before this. New experience for me, not that bad. But I heard McCalister served a better choice of this dish.

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