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Tuesday, November 25

Restaurant Weng Kee

This is a placed which was recommended by a friend not long time ago. I had always patronized this area at Section 17, P.J for years but never imagine that this corner lot sells Roasted Duck. So I had decided to have lunch with a friend of mine, Ken and try it out. The name of the shop is Weng Kee. It's located at the wet market in Section 17.

Let's get into the food. I saw that they offer more than just roast duck. They also sells roast pork (char siew) and also sliced stuffed pork (yuk cheong). So I had ordered the combination of the three and make it for 2 person portion. To be frank I am not sure what is so famous bout his duck. Other than it's fresh scent of roast and juicy meat.

This is the roast pork and also sliced stuffed pork but a bit little. I know it's expensive but can we make it a bit less pathetic? Roast pork not that special and juicy but still alright. Stuffed pork was a bit hard but still able to sink your teeth in it.

This vegetable came as a SOP for the whole dish. We didn't ordered it but it came together. Anyway, it's rare for me eating roast duck, pork or even chicken accompanied with vegetable.

Altogether we had spent RM22 inclusive of two glasses of herbal tea. I think I still prefer other places like Sunrise or even the roast duck at Damansara Utama compared to here. But surprisingly there is a lot of customers and some times I even saw the place pack and customers need to wait for a table. Weird! Will I return? Slim chance. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

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