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Saturday, January 17

Soo Kee Mee Stall

Was deciding between Soo Kee Beef Hor Fun or Mr.Sin's Hokkien Mee at Weng Hing. Since both of them are nearby to each other. Finally decided to go try out Soo Kee as I never been to the place and I managed to get a parking right opposite the restaurant.

From what I know, the place has a history over 60 years and is already a house hold name in the local (Sorry, but I never heard before this). It's not only famous to locals but also celebrities from overseas ranging from Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Jay Chou, Alan Tam to name a few. The secret ingredients in their dish was passed down from one generation to the next. And the place is famous for their River Prawn Noodle, Beef Hor Fun and Paper wrapped chicken.

So when I arrived, I straight away ordered their Paper wrapped chicken for appetizer. Each of us had one and straight away unwrapped the paper and sink out teeth into those juicy meat. It was a bit hard but I am alright with it. Taste was just nice. But my babe told me Seri Kembangan's version was more better. Sorry for the bad picture quality as the lighting was a bit bad at that time. (RM4.50/piece)

Second dish was their famous Beef Hor Fun. As you can see it's really starchy and you can still see the eggs on the side. What a sight. Taste was alright but not much to brag about. It's above average but to me as I am not so into Cantonese style. I am not sure what is the hype about other than their generosity on the beef portion. It's really too much to the extend that there is still a lot when I finished the hor fun. (RM9/pax)

The last dish was their Pai Kut Yee Mee. I didn't ordered their River Prawn Noodle (RM16/pax) as the portion was really large for the two of us. The Pai Kut was tender and I love Yee Mee so I like this dish. But one set back on this dish was it's too salty. Other then that, it's just one normal Yee Mee with Pai Kut. (RM10/pax)

Other then noodle, they do served lala, vegetables, bean curd and other dishes to go with rice. But from what I saw, most of the table had either ordered their River Prawn Noodle or Beef Hor Fun. There is also a satey stall inside if you wanted something light to bite.

I think business was good that the son decided to open a new stall just across the street from the dad. And they even name the place Soo Kee's Son (Meng Chuan) Prawn & Beef Noodle. What a good publicity stunt. But for me, Hokkien noodle is still No.1 in my ranking compared to any other noodle. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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