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Sunday, September 14

Sunway Resort Convention Centre - Sunway

This is my first visit to the Sunway Convention Centre for my friend's wedding dinner. I don't have high expectation for hotel food but I was quite satisfied with their food and also service overhere.
The service was something to brag about too. As the waiters were foreigner workers but they are very professional and very fast to changed and clean the table for us. It's really a nice place to held your dinner but we did encountered the management staff and had some minor arguments with them on some preparation of the main entrance. But nevertheless the food was good.
The first dish was the Sunway Golden Four Season Platter. The top was the Peking Duck Rolls, bottom was the abalone, right was the prawn paste and the left was some sort of Yam pudding. The dish was not bad. There were only 6 people in my table and we managed to finished almost all the dishes. This is the Golden Shark's Fin Soup with Fungus, Crab Meat and Roe. You can really see a lot of shark fin and even in some large pieces inside the soup. Really a nice dish. And it's not that starch too. I had 5 bowls of this. lol~!

The third was the Steamed River Patin with Crispy Minced Ginger and Garlic n Soya Sauce. One of the best dish of the night but I didn't managed to take a picture as I was on stage at that time. But I did managed to eat a lot of the fish as it's really fresh and the meat was really soft and the sauce was just nice. Nothing was left when the cleared the plate. lol~!
Next comes the Roasted Indonesian Style Chicken with Prawn Crackers. This was the first time I had this type of chicken in a wedding. And it didn't disappoints me. It's some sort of roasted rendang chicken and the taste of rendang sauce on the chicken was really nice and different. We finished the whole plate too. Wok Fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk. Another good dish on the table. I ate almost 8 pieces of prawn alone that night. For those who knows me, I don't really fancy taking off the shells but it was that nice that I go the extra mile. But we didn't managed to finished it off as it was too much for the 6 of us.
Next was the Stewed Two Variety Mushroom with Fresh Bean Curd. This dish wasn't that bad either. The dish was still warm when they brought it in and the sauce was really nice together with the mushrooms and bean curd. How can a wedding dinner without fried rice. So here's the Golden Fried Rice with Garlic and Roasted Duck. Atleast it wasn't some glutinous rice that other dinner offered. It wasn't that bad either, as the rice was soft and hot. There are a lot of small crunchy anchovies on top of it.
Here's the first dessert of the night. This is not something you see every night. Well for me atleast. It's called Chilled Mangoes Cream with Sago and Vanilla Ice Cream. The dessert was quite creamy but just nice. There's a big block of vanilla ice cream to go with it. Sweet~!
Last but not least, the Baked Lotus Flower Puff and Snow Skin Golden Fish. This was just part of the dish which I took out. Yes, the fish on the left was filled with peanuts and the flower was filled with lotus paste. The fish was cold and the flower was hot, nice combination. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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