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Friday, February 15

My Bday @ Dine Out in USJ 11

It's Friday night and the some members from FF had planned for Jac & my bday dinner cum Loh Sang session @ Dine Out in USJ 11. Thanx again for organizing the dinner. The members who make it for the dinner that night includes, Me, Romiko, Terence, Jacque, Wanie, Mark, Ann Jet, Lea, TJ, Jason, Cindy, Aaron, Wei Tong and wife. Actually that night was my bday and also Jacque too. And they tot what they heck, we include the Loh Sang together. haha~! Cool~! So Aaron had ordered the CNY set which consist of Loh Sang, Shark Fin, Steam Fish, Sweet n Sour Prawn, Glutinous Rice, Mushroom with alot of mix vegetable and desert. The Loh Sang was nice as our table finished the whole plate. Hungry again I guess. The crab meat portion was so big and u can really eat it and not like the one that we normally ate outside which is all minced. I ate around 4 rounds.
The prawn was also OK. Just nice but nothing that special.
The mix veges with mushroom dish was something new for me. It tasted nice but I dun really into that dish.
The gluttonous rice was plain normal la... what can i say. It's rice.
The desert was quite nice. It's served cold. It's like pandan inside. The one that we eat during mooncake. Forgot what it's call.
The night ended with everyone standing in the street doing nothing but talking so I whoop out my tripod and took a final pic of the whole bunch (minus Ann Jet, as she got 2nd round else where ... hehe) Oh yes, the cake. It was raspberry is it? It's nice. I brought the remaining home and finsihed it up on Sunday. haha~ Yes~! It was that nice. For those who make it that night, thnx alot. And for those who planned for the night, appreciate the good gesture. Hopefully we can do it again next year. (Rating : 3.5 out of 10.0)

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