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Tuesday, July 17

Cheapest Lok Lok - Klang City

I had heard about this place from my friends from Klang already but never had the chance to go over. Finally it’s time to test it out. The place I am talking about is the Lok Lok stall in Klang City. It’s located not far away from the New Boston Restaurant which I blog in here previously. It’s located behind the old Capitol Cinema. I dunno the name of the street or even the stall as there is no road sign or the stall’s name to be seen anywhere. But once your there, there is only one Lok Lok stall overthere. You might need to wait awhile to get a seat as there are only around 6 or 7 seats. But there are waiting tables for u to seat and drink while waiting for a table to be cleared. It took me around 5 min to get a table. Once I sat down they straight away bring me some fresh sauce and also food. As u can see from the pics, there are amount of variety to choose from. They will always refills the food which is depleted and it’s quite fresh too. There are also 4 times of sauce which u can choose from. There is the extra spicy, Mild, Normal and Sweet. As my throat is giving me a lot of pain nowadays, I can only try the Mild. Sigh … even I ordered a hot herbal tea. We managed to eat around 50 over sticks and the cost u ask? RM 0.40 per stick. Yup~! You heard me right. It’s 0.40 per stick. That is what attract the people over I guess. As there is nothing special about their food other than the price. Anyway it’s not too bad also. It’s just normal. So for cheap and affordable Lok Lok, u can try this place. (Rating 3.8 out of 5.0)

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