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Friday, January 30

Restaurant Jin Xuang Hong Kong - 2nd Visit

This is not my second or third visit but much more. This time around, it was a Thursday morning with my friend who got back from Taiwan. Wanted to bring him around town and feasting on some of the nice food he saw in my blog.

This is a new dish which they just made not too long ago. It wasn't in the menu before. Shanghai Siew Loong Bao. The outer layer just a bit thick but still alright. The most important was the soup inside, which was just normal. Can have a try if you're eating over there.

This is the Cheese Baked Scallop with Prawns. Not a bad dish at all. But make sure that it's freshly steamed from the kitchen before you eat. As cold cheese with scallop doesn't really taste good at all.

This is the steamed prawns with mixed green. Outer layer is a bit too hard and thick. Too dry and sticky. Only means one thing, not fresh.

This is also a new dish which is the boneless chicken & mushroom wrapped in bean curd. Well just imagine the boneless chicken you eat with Loh Mai Kai and now it's just with bean curd. Not bad at all.

Some fried prawn dish which we normally eat with mayo. Nothing special but just wanna share it with my readers.

It was morning and the place was already packed but luckily I secured a table while walking over. So I do not need to queue up and take a number waiting for a table like the rest of the people. Lucky~! MBPJ came over half way and issued some summon on the premises (but I think it's settled later, if you know what I mean). This place is getting popular by the day due to the fresh food and variety of the dim sums. Price isn't that expensive too.

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