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Sunday, May 25

Seri Kembangan Steamed Chicken Rice

This morning I woke up around 10am as I am not going for the usual gym. Wow~! Had been weeks since I go for the Sunday morning class. Yesterday night was tiring as I slept around 3am after finished watching a movie in the idiot box.
We're going to South City Plaza after lunch for the MKA K9 show. So I decided to go over Seri Kembangan for lunch. What to eat? Hmm....steamed chicken rice suddenly came to mind. So I drove over the old town and the place was already packed with customers around noon. All the people were queueing up for take aways. This is not my first visit but it been ages since I visited this place. The place is located beside the main road into the old town. The address is 1732A, Jalan S/K7/12 behind a bus stop on the right hand side of the road. You can't miss it. Stall name? Nope, can't find it. Just called it Seri Kembangan Steamed Chicken Rice.
I had ordered their steamed chicken for two pax and liver (i think it is??). One word of advice, you do not to go and order, people will come over and take your order. It may take some time but they will come. Trust me~! haha!!! The chicken was oily and nice. Soft and tender. Just the way it should be. But the best is not the chicken for me but their steamed rice. I had a second because it tasted to damn nice. They added a lot of margarine and garlics into the rice so it look very yellowish and tasted very nice. The price for the whole meal plus two drinks is RM 11.30. I saw a lot of people who ordered an additional pax when they order. Should do that next time. hehe~!!! (Rating : 3.8 out of 5.0)

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