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Sunday, February 1

John King @ 1U

Was walking with my my friend at 1Utama today and stumble upon this place. It's not new but it was my first time seeing it. The place is called John King a.k.a Food Tart King from Hong Kong. I heard one of my friend mentioned bout this place few months back.

As you can see, sales is good as most of the tarts are sold out or production was really slow. Their price ranges from RM1.60 to RM2.00 and the egg tarts are lard free so it's suitable for Malays and Hindus also. Yes, it's even stated on the paper bag.

As the name goes, it's famous for their tart which consists of the Original, Egg White Milk, Coffee, Green Tea, Corn, Red Bean & Durian Cookie Egg Tart. Other than egg tarts they also have Chicken and Pork Puff also. I did heard that they sell HK's Lou Po Peng but didn't saw any on display.

This is the chicken & mushroom puff which I bought. The skin is soft and just nice. Chicken and mushroom inside were cold but I think if it's hot and fresh this should be a very good puff. But still it's very nice to eat. RM3.80

This is the original cookie egg tart. Outlook is like a normal egg tart we found everywhere so maybe it's special on the inside. Since it's lard-less so I assume the taste should be a bit different and I was right. The tart lack the taste of the egg and the scent of the cookie too. A bit disappointed on the tart. RM1.80

I heard from friends who been to HK that this is a must order so I have high hopes on this one. It's the Egg White Milk Tart. This is way better than the original I had. Scent and taste is just right. I can really taste the milk and egg on the tart. Go for this one rather on the original one. RM1.90

Will definitely try out the green tea and corn on my next stop over. Hopefully it's too taste good like the egg white milk tart. Both the coffee and green tea cost RM2.00 while the corn cost RM1.90. The place is located at the Lower Ground somewhere around Lou Chang Kee and the food court. Shouldn't be too hard to locate. Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0

4 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

lol~! u go 1-u too ar?
me with huey and nee also at there >.<
we go ktv and go eat haagen-dazs ^^

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya lo, me and KK went over around noon. Walk till 4pm I think. It was raining when I left. kekeke!!!

aleximon said...

i think the double layer milk tart is the best...yummy

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yup~ I had that and it's nice. Hopefully the rest also nice la~ hehe! Siong Pei Nai :P

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