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Thursday, April 9

Village Park Restaurant @ Uptown Damansara

Some of my friend did mentioned this place before to me while passing through a few times back. But didn't have the chance to really go in and have a try. The name of the place is called Village Park Restaurant at Damansara Uptown. I heard the place serves a good plate of nasi lemak. That I would like to try.

Walked in and the place is filled with people standing queuing to pay and waiting for tables and waiting for their foods. It was havoc. Typical old style kopitiam. They served a varieties of foods ranging from beef rendang, chicken rendang and also the special fried chicken.

One thing for sure, I could smell the scent of a good fried chicken when I smell one. This I will definitely like to try. Physical and smell had already pass my test. Next is the tasting.

Well since I can't decide between beef rendang and fried chicken, hence I had ordered both. Why choose when you can have both right? It took some time before our food arrive. Let's go to the beef rendang first. Looks like one good beef rendang but lack the rendang taste for me. Let's just say I had better. Fried chicken is above average but I still prefered my Darul Salam fried chicken at SS15 anytime. Nasi lemak definitely pack a lot of lemak hence the nice scent and taste. Sambal is very nice, better than the rendang gravvy. Weird~! RM10

Cleanse it all down with one cold glass of Sirap Ice. Sweet~!

Kitchen is small but the workers are very efficient and multitasking. But if you ask me, you will get your food faster if you walk over to the counter and wait for it rather than sitting on your seat. They do serve mee jawa, half boil eggs and etc like a kopitiam.

Overall, the food is above average, hence the pack crowd and all. I heard that the place is operated by nyonya folks. I know the cashier knows Chinese. So it's possible. Definitely going back for second and more to come. You have to queue up to the counter to pay your bill and yes the place is air condition inside so no worries of the sunny weather outside. Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

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