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Wednesday, August 27

Eat Work Shop - Glenmarie

Today I went to looked for an old friend for lunch. The place is called Eat Work Shop and it's located in Glenmarie Business Park. To be frank, I bet you can't find this place even if I told you the place. The reason? Well for one, the restaurant name wasn't visible from outside and second, the place is a shooting ground.

Anyway, let's get back to the food. They served western cuisine such as Pasta, Salad, Gourmet Sandwiches, Main Course and Desserts. Some recommended dishes overthere are their Smoked Salmon Salad, Blacken Dory Fillet, Grilled Beef Striploin, Spicy 'M' Pasta and their Ultimate Choc Fondant dessert. But as I was not into heavy lunch, so I ordered their Cabonara Pasta. Yes, predictable. Whatever. I like my Cabonara. You can choose from Beef Bacon or Grilled Chicken for their side and so I choose the first. It's not too say a large portion but just enough. And yes those are cheese shredded on top of the pasta. Nice~!! The bacon was a bit dry and hard but it's a bit crispy too. Overall the pasta was passable. Will try their other pasta next round. (RM 20.80)As for my friend, she ordered the Roast Chicken Sandwich. It's roasted chicken thigh, sliced tomato, lettuce, onions rings, BBQ sauce & house mayonnaise with side serving of fries. It was OK, and the roasted chicken was really hot from the oven. Can still see the smokes coming out from the chicken. (RM 16.80)As for the drinks, I had ordered their Earl Grey. Yes, I am so into Earl Grey nowdays. Maybe it's the aroma? But the tea bag was placed in the cup rather then in a tea pot. But it's refillable though. And then they give you a tea pot to refill your drink. Weird~! (RM 5.60)As for my friend, she ordered the Hot Caffe Mocha. But it's rather small and quite sweet. Well atleast she doesn't add any sugar to it. (RM 7.90)Well overall I can say that the ambiance and the service is good. It's not crowded as not many people know the place anyway. Only people who work around the place know of it's existance. I was introduced of the place around 2 years back. And the feeling is still the same. Should try the dessert and their cakes if you have the chance. Nice~! (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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