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Sunday, February 8

Duck King @ Jaya One

This is my second visit over this place and this time around it was for my birthday cum loh sang session with my gym mates. The place was fully booked and we needed to wait for around 20mins for our table. Decided to go for the CNY set as there were 13 of us and we didn't want waste time thinking what to order and all.

First dish was the Fresh Salmon Fish Yee Sang. Trust me, there were a lot of salmon and for once, there were a lot of those crispy biscuit thingy in the yee sang. It tasted very nice or is it cause we're too hungry at that time?

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Dried Scallop. For once it's not that starchy but a bit too watery. But not much comment here as it's comes with the set so we didn't expect that much.

This is their house specialty which is the Duck King Roasted Duck. It's not that crispy on the outer skin but the duck is very nice and so is the sauce that comes with it. Juicy and tasty which it supposed to be.

Stoned Grilled Drunken Prawns. We can smell the scent of the rice wine from far away before the dish is even out. The soup was really strong of the herbal ingredients and also wine rice. Prawns were really fresh just the way it should be. Very nice.

Claypot baked Cananda Cod Fish with Japanese Soya Sauce. This was really too. The cod fish was fresh and the sauce was thick and not too salty. Truly a good dish to eat.

Stewed Dried Oyster, Shell Abalone and Black Mushroom with Cabbages. The sauce is thick and the mushroom were plenty and so is the abalone too. But one of the friend told me it's actually abalone mushroom which was served. Anyway, it's was a nice dish but I don't really fancy a dish which was that starchy.

Steamed Rice with Hong Kong Preserved Rice. What is a feast without some steamed rice. It's served in a big nice bowl which I would like to bring back actually. Topped with slices of fried egg it looks better than it taste. The dish was tasteless sadly to say. But I managed to take in 3 bowls as I added some X.O spicy sauce. I can eat anything with that sauce.

Before the last dessert came, we decided to take out the dessert made by Jacque. Thanx a lot for her effort again and I like the cake very much. FYI, it's moist chocolate cake which she baked before she came out. Really appreciate the effort she put in on this cake.

Trust me, the picture doesn't served the cake justice as it was really nice and she even brought some vanilla ice cream for us to go with the cake. Nice~!!!

Deep Fried Chinese New Year Cake with Yam. This is a hot dish which was served together with the dessert. I think all of us really like this dish as we don't get to eat this other then CNY.

Last but not least the Chilled Sweetened Glutinous Ball with Pamelo and Mango Sago. This I don't like that much as I don't really like pamelo and not into glutinous ball too. And the dessert was a bit bitter due to the pamelo. But the rest liked it very much. So it depends on individual I guess.

All together the service was alright and we were quite satisfied too. The whole meal cost us RM1,100. Well I guess it's a bit pricey but it was CNY and the food was very fresh too. So I guess you can't really put a price tag on tag. Will return to try their other dishes with my family one day. Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

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