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Sunday, February 15

Oriental Craving @ 1Utama

Was walking around 1Utama with my brother's family when we decided to eat at Oriental Craving. This had got to be one of my brother's favourite restaurant in 1U. It's located at the same floor as Lacoste and Ralph Lauren.

There is a lot of old pictures hanged on the wall which gave you a feel of nostalgic. The ambiance is really nice and quiet as it is located at the furthers corner of the building.

Pork Curry with Steamed Rice. It's recommended by my brother and you have to ask if they have it as they don't have it everyday. Basically it's nasi lemak with pork curry. Pork curry was nice and the peanuts and anchovies is still crispy. Other then the curry it's just a normal nasi lemak.

Claypot Loh Shee Fun cooked with minced pork and diced musroom. Sadly to see that the fresh egg was not intact when they brought it over that time. But it's one of the better dish over there. It's not as good as Mama Claypot @ TTDI but still a decent good pot of loh shee fun.

Rice Wine Chicken Mee Sua. The dish availability is based on the availability of the homemade wine. So better ask if you want to order this dish. There is a lot of ingrediets in the soup which consists of chicken, omelette, musroom and vegetables. The amount of chicken was really generous and the scent and taste of the rice wine was really strong. Must try for wine lover.

Claypot Emperor Noodle. It's basically emperor noodle cooked with prawns, squid, pork slices, button mushroom, dried Chinese mushroom, Chinese cabbage and egg. Well to me it's Ying Yong with Emperor Noodle. I am not a Cantonese style lover so not much I couldn't say bout this dish.

Overall our lunch was nice and the service is good too. You should know by now that the place served non-halal food and it's not easy to find a non-halal restaurant inside 1Utama. So if you're looking for lard cook dishes, you can have a try over at Oriental Craving. The whole meal cost us RM60++ inclusive of 3 glasses of Chinese tea. Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

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