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Sunday, April 5

Tian Pin Ge Ge @ Kepong

So this is the new dessert in town that my ex-colleague was telling me about. It's located at Jalan Metro Perdana 3 in Kepong. Parking was a bit hard but I think you can park next to the road and walk over. The place was pack as expected when we arrived. The place us called Dessert Brother in Cantonese (Tim Pan Kor Kor). It's origin from Hong Kong and even the girl who served us was from Wan Chai. And she can really talk and recommended some dessert to us too.

Pomelo and Sago in Mango Sweet Soup with Ice Cream. This is not bad as the ice cream adds a bit of sweetness to the mango. RM9/bowl

This is the Mango Glutinous Rice Balls. Damn this is so nice and tasty. Imagine the sweet cold mango is wrapped with soft glutinous rice with coconut shreds. There is actually 4 pieces but they are too hungry to wait for me to take a picture before tasting it. Highly recommended. RM7/plate.

Double-Skinned Milk Custard. This is said to be a must try when you're in Hong Kong, but it was not the case here. It's not the same as the one my friend had over at Hong Kong. It's a bit plain and not much taste. Sad. RM5/bowl

This is the Mango Roll which we all like. The outer white layer is made of coconut (I think). No guessing what's inside, yes it's mango again. This is also a must try if you're over here. Very special. RM8/roll

The name of the dessert is called Happy Village. It's sago mixed with coconut in mango dessert taste pudding. This is just alright for me. RM9/bowl

Ginger Soup with Sesame and Peanut Rice Balls. This so nice. The scent of ginger is really strong. There is half peanut and half sesame rice balls. When you sink your teeth into one of the peanut rice balls, the soup within the ball will burst into your mouth mixing with the peanut taste. Sweet~! Must order. RM 5.50/bowl.

Heart of Greed, the name was so dramatic but I can't say the same on the food itself. Totally disappointed. It's fresh fruits in pomelo and sago in mango sweet soup. RM10/bowl.

This is the one which I ordered that the girl recommended. It's brand new in the menu. It's Black Pearl Sago with Mango, Banana and Longan. Damn this is so nice. It's cold and sweet as there is a scoup of ice cream underneath it. The taste of coconut milk is a bit strong here. Totally love this. RM12/bowl.

Overall it's a very good experience and also a good place to have a good dessert. I am so bored of K.T.Z by now. I am not so into Mango all this time, but I am so into it from tonight. Maybe a bit over rated but you can always go over and have a try for yourself. I heard that they are coming out with a second branch in KL in two months. Hopefully there will be one in PJ soon. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

Wowww!!! This looks super Yummyyyyyyyyyy

I think i'll like the 1st&last one... But the price... a bit steep wor....

Ei... Tong Yuen - go to Klang Bkt Tinggi lar... RM 0.70/pc nia...


BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yup the 1st and last is one of the best and so is the second. Must really try this place out.

The Tong Yuen in KBT is around the same as this (according to babe). SO it's really nice. The peanut will burst into your watering mouth. LOL!!

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