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Friday, February 13

Kedai Kopi Tian Hoong @ Salak Saouth Garden

Was heading back to KL from my business trip down South. Passed Sg. Besi toll and was thinking what to eat and Roast Pork pop in my head. Where else but my favourite Roast Pork shop, Tian Hoong at Salak South Garden.

Ordered my usual half fat half lean with extra pork sauce. Yes, you can ask for extra for the pork sauce as it's really nice and sweet. Very appetizing. As you can see I always ask for the end/tip part of the roast pork as it's the most juiciest and delicious to eat. RM6.50/plate

The roast pork over here is not the same as Soong Kei which is soft but like I mentined earlier, I like my pork with a bit of texture so that I can really sink my teeth into it and let the lean and fat meat combined with sweet honey sauce swim inside my mouth and tounge. Yes, occassionally you will get some sticky part sticking into your teeth as I ordered the end part which is a bit burnt. But I like my pork that way.

This is the Taiko cum owner of the shop. Didn't managed to get his name but it's good that he's up front as he will normally roast the pork and let his two sons take care of the cutting and chopping part.

Other then roast pork they do sell steam chicken and siew yuk. But most of the customers came purposely for their roast pork. For me it's still the No.1 roast pork in whole K.L, be it Meng Kee, Soo Kee or Spring Golden. Better be there around 1pm as the roast pork will be ready and fresh from the kitchen by that time.

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