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Sunday, March 15

Yik Kee Noodle House @ Segamat

Finally before I left Segamat, I managed to get a taste of their so famous Wan Tan Mee. The place is no other then Yik Kee. I think everyone who had been to Segamat or from Segamat can tell you that this is the best noodle in town. You can see a lot of similar names in town but make no mistake as this is the original stall. It's located next to the field. You can't miss it.

Although the place only operate with 4 - 5 people but they are very efficient. As they can prepare 30 plates of wan tan noodle to in around 5 - 10mins tops inclusive of other patrons too.

They served only wan tan noodle and wan tan noodle alone (if I am not mistaken). They have this special drink called Cincau Pineapple which you can try if you are there. Sounds interesting but my babe ordered bali for me as I was busy snapping pictures all around.

First impression is the most crucial. I had asked for half lean half fat char siew to go with my noodle. Yes, they do let you 'customize' your noodle. Noodle is tangy and not too dry. Just the way I like it. Thick soy sauce is sufficient to give you the taste of it but not too bitter. I am very impress with the cook able to maintain the quality of the food even on mass production. Yes, we ordered almost 30 plates of noodle that day.

Nothing special on the wan tan but there are about 5 of them per set. But I heard that the quality had drop slightly from the family members if compared to last time. Well maybe it's due to the mass production today? Anyway, it's definitely on my to makan place if I am even to drop by again.

It was really a massive gathering of both the bride & groom's family members that day. What a memorable breakfast we had. I think we can give this picture to the owner and hang it to their wall next time. LOL! I think there is at least 30 over people inlcusive of childrens that day.

3 Octopus:

wan ton lover said...

This had got to be the largest gathering of Wan Ton Noodle I had ever saw.

f1 said...

This stall belongs to one of the relatives from the original; so in other words, this is still not the original. The best is still the stall behind Upwell Supermarket, in the middle of the shop lot now managed by the eldest son. The taste is still the best among all the stalls carrying almost the same names and managed by the respective relatives of 张益记. I think it is because the eldest son is always the 1st helper of the father. By working hard, he learns and masters the most! The only reminder is be careful of the old lady (the wife) who compile the final bill. She always has a tendency to put in a few dollars more if you are in a group.... After all, enjoy!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Wow~ thanks a lot f1. You're from Segamat is it? :)

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