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Monday, September 29

Granma's Kitchen - Damansara Utama

OK as promised, I had went over to this place called Granma's Kitchen and have a try of their food. Their concept are more towards family dishes rather than single dish. So it's not that ideal if I wanted to have lunch over at this place. As the varieties isn't that much compared to Asia Food across the street. But anyhow its comfy and nice for family and friends to dine in. So I had browsed through their menu and decided to tried their Tom Yam Fried Rice. They asked if I wanted to add an egg. So I say why not. And this is what I got. Plain simple fried rice with egg on top. Wasn't as fancy as I imagine it would be. Taste was normal. Had to add a lot of chilly on it. The price wasn't that cheap also.Romiko had ordered their Vege-Dumpling Noodle Soup. The dumpling was quite large but the taste of the soup was a bit like maggie with MSG to me. Maybe cause I don't fancy soup noodle that much. Remembered someone told me their Siow Long Bao was nice, so I had ordered it as a side dish. Well not bad but it's definitely uncomparable with Dragon-I. lol~! It's not cheap also but not bad. (RM 7.90 for 5pcs)
All together the place do serve nice food but maybe my expectation was too high as I was recommended by someone whose similar to me, like to eat a lot. Maybe their other dishes taste better. It's a good place for dinner but not a good place for a quikc lunch. Well I don't know but need to try. Will I be back? Only if someone is buying me dinner though. lol~! (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

wei... I told u it's mediocre food oni la....

Not SUPA fantastic.
but it is cheaper than Asian Food House lor.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

not to say cheap .. but most important not enuff selection for single person meal. sad~!

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