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Wednesday, July 23

Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong - Damansara Jaya

Today, me and my ex-colleague decided to try out this new place in Damansara Jaya. Since someone gonna buy me lunch, why not? I arrived around 11.30am and the parking was really like HELL over here. For those who is familiar with the area, they should know. It's located at the same row as Maybank. Shouldn't be hard to locate with the freaking BIG signboard they have. The owner of the place is the same as the other restaurant on the same row with RHB Bank in the same area. But this restaurant looks a bit more classy. As the other one looks more Chinese style. The place is divided up from air condition and non (smoking area).

Here is the place where they showcase all their fried dim sums. They do have a lot of varieties in term of fried dim sum. Not bad. So here's the run down of (almost) all their dim sums.

This is the Country Style Shrimp Dumpling. (RM 4.00)

What is dim sum without Siu-Mai. OK la, not bad. We ordered a 2nd plate, so it's not too bad. (RM 3.50) This is their so-called Tasty Loh-Mai-Kai. Surprisingly, it tasted good. We ordered another at the end. (RM3.50)Sharkfin Dumpling is the name of the dim sum above. Got shark fin? I don't know. You must try it yourself. (RM3.50)This one is called Crystal Shrimp Dumpling. This is also not bad as the shrimp was quite large. (RM3.50)Yup, this is the Teachew Siu Mai. Normal only. (RM3.50)Scallop Shrimp Dumpling. Scallop .. hmm... I like .. (RM4.00)I think this is the Mixed Seafood Dumpling. There's a lot of shrimp inside. Goodie~! (RM4.00)This got to be the weirdest dim sum I ate so far. It's called Green Mussels Cheese-Mai. Yes, you can guess what it is from the name. How is it? Surprisingly, it's quite OK from the feedback. (RM4.00)What is dim sum without ordering their Chee Chung Fan. It's mixed between Char Siew and Shrimp. But the shrimp-fan not that nice as there's only one big prawn on each fan. This is their house specialty Fried Glutinous Rice. Really nice, cause the Char Siew inside is crispy and tasted good. (RM8.00-I think)We didn't know what the hell did we ordered until they cut it up for us. It's Fried Durian Cake. I am not kidding, the durian paste inside is still warm. haha~! But it's quite OK la. For those who like durian, you can try it out. (RM6.00) Fried Fish Paste. Thai Style Beancurd. Taste is normal not that nice. (RM3.50)Another Fried Shrimp dish. Normal only nothing to say. Fried Loh Bak Kou. It's nice if it's hot. Yes, it's quite cold when it's served to us. Sad. There is still a few more dishes which I didn't took the picture as it's not that nice. The whole lunch cost RM 90++. Including one pot of Chinese tea. Since someones buying so my wallet not crying. But it's so-so only. But for a restaurant, the price is around the same as big restaurant's price. So it's ok if you wanna eat some breakfast during weekend morning. But don't expect too much. (Rating : 3.5 out of 5.0)

4 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

The egg tarts not bad. BQ claimed that the Loh-Mai-Kai taste funny, but i found it quite ok.

The dim sum in this restaurant are slightly nicer than the one next to RHB. If i'm not mistaken, they have one outlet in USJ as well.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ok, at least someone agreed wit me . thanx LP. I dun really trust BQ's taste one la .. so weird .. haha!!

or cause ppl's husband always bring her eat at those expensive hotel or restaurants one? so this small restaurant ppl not suit ler .. haha~!

Anonymous said...

i like eat dim sum, but cant eat many, easy feel full

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yes~! Same here~! Cause it's all meat and pork. So easily get full. I rugi also last time go eat buffet dim sum @ tai Thong. kekeke!!!

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