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Friday, August 1

Delicious by Ms Read - 1Utama

It was Friday noon and as usual, MD, SOS and me went for lunch. And this time, I had suggested Delicious by Ms. Read since none of them had tried it before. I had tried out the place a few times but it was last year. So there's a bit of changes on the menu. Those who know me, will definitely know what I'd ordered. Yup, Cabonara Sphagetti. The look was really nice with the thick sauce and bacon on top. But once you taste it, it lacks the cream taste which Cabonara sauce should have. But the portion was quite large.MD had ordered their Four Cheese Macaroni. Something wrong with the meal? Yes, the portion was really small compared to mine. But the scent and taste of the sauce was really strong. They wasn't kidding when they mentioned that it consists of 4 types of cheese.
As for my drink, I had ordered my all time favourite Death By Ice Chocolate. Yes, the name damn awesome, I know. But the taste did disappoint me compared to last time. LP ordered the same drink and she was quite famished after finishing her drink. BQ had ordered their Aglio Olio Sphagetti which is plain and simple as it's name. But it does tastes good with a lot of garlic in it. (Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0)

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