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Sunday, November 2

BBQ Chicken

This whole place started in September 1995 and now it has grown to be the No.1 franchise brand in Korea. The place understand the importance and realizes obligation of providing customers with not just delicious meal but also healthy meal too. The place created Olive Luxury Chicken and was the first to use only 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Spain.
The place is located at the Ground floor of 1Utama new wing. The place served burgers & breads, olive, barbeque, beef and fish. I had lunch over with some of my friends one find afternoon. So we had opted for the set lunch which consists of the a main dish, soup, drink and single scoop of ice cream.
So here is the mushroom soup as the appetizer. Not bad as there's a lot of tiny sliced mushroom in the soup. Typical mushroom soup straight from the can I assume.
I had ordered their Jerk BBQ Chicken. Which was chef recommendation. It's whole chicken leg cooked over charcoal fire with no additional oil used then spread with authentic korean style barbeque sauce made of more than 20 natural seasonings and red pepper grain giving it a little tinge of spiciness. It comes complete with golden fries and coleslaw. This might be the best dish of the three we ate that day. But sadly it was too small for me. (RM14.50)
This is the Fish Cutlet set. Which typically golden fried fillet of fish complete with golden fries and coleslaw. Sadly, my friend told me that the fish was rotten. And I pray she doesn't have a bad stomach the next day after eating this. (RM12.90)
Last but not least, Hot Hot Drum which is also one of the chef's recommendation. Which claimed to be extra spicy. It's hot red pepper grain and paste sauce generously spread over crispy and juicy chicken. Complete with golden fries and coleslaw. This is not bad and it's not to say that spicy but just alright (RM13.70).

So what do I think of the place? Might consider to go back but becareful what I would order the next time. It's still new and people need time to know bout this place. They have already a few branches in Taipan and also Desa Park City and Sri Hartamas to name a few. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

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