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Monday, May 4

Jalan Jelutong @ Penang Island

Second day of my makan trip up North and the location that we 'invaded' this time around is located along Jalan Jelutong. I am not sure how to describe the location but it's located just next to the road. It's called Kafe Bamboo. Heard that their Curry Noodle is something to brag about.

Yes, they serve yellow noodle and not just kuey teow. This is my first bowl of Curry Noodle up North as I don't normally take curry noodle over here as it's not thick and spicy, the way I like it. But since, it's recommended, so I just try my luck.

The gravy wasn't that thick so logically I assumed that it's not that spicy. Hence, I added one BIG scoop of chilly paste on my bowl. Believe me when I say, BIG. Something I found out about Northern curry noodle, it's not thick, it's not spicy, lots of pig's blood, fish balls and squids. Well other than the pig's blood, this is an above average Curry Noodle. Not the best I had but still acceptable.

Found out that there is one stall selling Apong outside the restaurant. Wasn't that much into this 'snack' in the beginning but I was so into it later on. As it was really nice.

One of my friend was so into Apong and she bought so many to share with us. This had to be the best Apong I had over my trip up North. The middle portion is thick with flour but not too sweet, just nice.

I saw a stall selling Chicken and Pork Rice next to the Char Kuey Teow stall and decided to gave it a try. Since the Char Siew look so juicy and fresh. Nothing to brag about, just alright.

Just want to show what is the different in the amount of chilly paste I added into my bowl of curry noodle. On top is the one with the standard portion while mine is the one below which is dark red with oil in it. LOL! That is why I didn't finish the soup up or else I need to run to the nearby clinic to check my cholesterol level after that.

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