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Saturday, February 28

Restaurant Good Time @ Bandar Puteri

After a long shopping at KL the whole day it was time for dinner. So decided to try out this place in Bandar Puteri which served steamboat buffet. Since it's raining the whole evening so steamboat should be the best dinner. It's located across the street from Public Bank.

Saw my favorite fast food while scouting around the bar, french fries. It's hot, soft and salty. They also served fried wanton and also other tit bits for appetizer while waiting for the water to boil.

This is one of the tit bits which really worth mentioning, pandan chicken. It's wrapped with pandan leave and once unwrapped come this juicy succulent pandan flavoured chicken. Damn it's really nice.

Over here they served fried chicken wings which I tried and tasted not that bad. At least you don't need to fight for your wings over here.

OK, now for the best part of the steamboat. They served inductive type steamboat and also the conventional carcoil type. So I opted for the latter. Don't worry, they will heat the charcoil up before they served to you.

There is three type of soup over here, which are Tom Yam, Herbal and also Fish Head. We choose the fish head and also herbal. I like the fish head as there is also sea weed and also salted vegetables in the soup together with some sliced fish. Nice~!!!

They served the usual dishes which you can see in any other buffet steamboat restaurant but over here it's a bit more fresher. As they will changed or chilled the food once in a while.

Like the pork balls and also the mixed pork intestine balls. I think I ate more than 15 altogether. Damn full at the end of the meal.

Other then all those meat there are also varieties of fresh vegetables to choose from.

Here is my favorite section which served the fried stuff. Yes, I know it's weird eating this at a steamboat restaurant. But I like it, so what the heck.

They have two fridge full of ice cream of your desire. So no long queues and plenty of ice cream to choose from. But no Hagen or Baskin over here. LOL!

Altogether there are over 100 foods to choose from the two long bar. The food is always replenish by the staffs. I like the service really much.

Food is plenty, fresh and clean. No long queues and service is good. Tables are sufficient and organized. Quite a good place for a gathering or a dinner with friends. The price for the buffet is RM19.80++ per head. Definitely an alternative for me from Yuen Steamboat. But there are a few more buffet steamboat around the area. Will try to test it out in the future. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Address: 1, Jalan Puteri 4/1,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor D.E
Tel: 016 - 272 6672

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