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Wednesday, August 13

Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri - Kajang

My lunch today with my colleague in Kajang, where else but Hj. Samuri. We had went over Satey Malaysia last month and wanted to try out this one. It's not my first visit as I had visited this place a lot of times. The place wasn't that crowded during lunch hour. Upper level were closed and will only open during night hours.

First came the sauce. This is what I like bout this place. They had separated their sauce into two. For those who doesn't like spice in their sauce, you can opt not to add the sambal sauce (top right) into the normal peanut sauce (below left). But I like my sauce as spicy as they can get, so I had added a lot into it. I had also ordered their side dishes, cucumbers, ketupat and a lot of slice onions. Here come the main course. I had ordered 10 sticks of Chicken, 5 sticks of beef and 5 sticks of lamb. Lamb was quite hard and the scent of raw lamb is still there. Beef was just alright but it's quite dry too. Chicken was alright. But not as much fat on the meat as I remembered. Maybe they are much more health conscience now. The whole meal cost me RM18 inclusive of drinks. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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