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Wednesday, August 6

Pizza Uno - Centre Point Bandar Utama

Called up someone to have a late lunch with me this afternoon. Saw this place not too long ago and decided to try it out. The place is called Pizza Uno. Some of you out there might heard of the place before and might have visited their other branch in USJ. I had tried out the place of another branch and had a wonderful food over there. So I do hope that this outlet do not disappoint me. Here's the menu if you're wondering what they serve. I'd decided to seat at one of the corner as it's not that packed. And I can see the traffic of people walking pass while I am sipping on my drinks later. The pizza over was just in front of me. So you can see the guy there preparing your pizza. Just like Dragon-I with their Siew Long Pao. I had gone through the menu and decided to order my usual Cabonara but my friend had decided to order it. Well I can try it out later anyway. So I had ordered one of the waiter's recommendation, Baked Pasta. It's Spiralli with Chicken and Mushrooms baked with cream and cheese. And I do mean a lot of cheese. It was really delicious. The taste of the cheese and cream was just nice. (RM 24.00)My friend had ordered the Alla Cabonara which is served lightly fried beef bacon and onions in their delicious creamy sauce. The cream sauce was really nice and the taste of the pasta was really nice. They served two type of pasta, the normal spaghetti or fettuccine. I surely will recommend the latter for my friend. The fettuccine is made by themselves, so you have to pay an extra RM2 for that and their spirrali too.(RM 24.00 for fettuccine or RM22.00 for spaghetti) As usual I will order the Ice Lemon Tea (Peach Tea if they had to offer). It's nice and the glass was quite large too. (RM5.00)OK, I am not gonna mentioned what happened, but I got this compliment by the manager of the place. It's made specially by the chef. It's not in the menu I think as I can't find it. It's Pudding with Strawberry Sauce mix with Lemon. Damn it's nice. The texture and the taste. But I'm not sure if you could order this on your trip over though. (estimated RM10.00)So why do I ordered another drink you may ask? Well it's another compliment by the manager. He brought the Hot Earl Grey Tea over for us, with Fresh Slice Lemon and Milk. It's really nice sipping down some hot tea after eating a full delicious pasta. (RM5.00)OK, by now you should be asking why was this guy getting so much compliment by the restaurant. Well I'm not going into details, but let's just say that something happened to my food and the manager changed another plate of my Baked Pasta. Oh ya, I got two plate of Baked Pasta during the lunch. I know it's a lot. The manager himself apologized to us on behalf of the staff and chef. He's very professional and know how to handle the situation. I was really surprised when they shown me the bill actually. For all that, they only charged me less than RM40. Sweet~! Will definitely go back to this place and try out their other dishes. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

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