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Wednesday, May 13

Pick n Brew (3rd Visit) @ Shah Alam

I was having lunch with a friend this afternoon at Pick n Brew again and I saw they are having this new set lunch displayed on the table. So I had ordered one of the set. This is the Prawn Aglio pasta. Enough spices and olive olive and the pasta isn't that soft but just nice to bite into. But I rather have a Spicy Aglio Oleo anytime. But still this is a good plate of pasta to have on a lunch. Portion was quite generous for the price. (RM15.00/Set)

My friend had ordered the Nasi Kerabu. I think I had post a blog bout this dish before. The rice was filled with herbs and spices which is good but sadly it's too dry. They used peanut gravy ala satey sauce for the topping on the chicken. Chicken was tender and nice. It come with Acar on the side but I am not so into it. (RM17.00)

This is the Blackcurrant Soda which I think it's blackcurrant syrup added into soda water. Don't get me wrong, I like this drink. Blackcurrant with gas, nice.

My friend had ordered the Hot Chocolate for her drink. It's nice and warm. Together with the ambiance over at the cafe, it's very soothing. The crowd started to come in after 1pm. The place was pack when we left. Business was really that good. (RM9.00)

Overall, other than the Nasi Kerabu, I am very satisfied with the meal I had. What they served other than the Prawn Aglio? Well they have Meatball Pasta, Scampi and Vongole with Basil & Tomato and Penne Arabiatta. All the set meal come with their soup of the day and blackcurrant soda. So if you're looking for a good place to sit back and have lunch with good coffee to drink, this would be one of the place. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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