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Sunday, July 20

The Steamboat @ Waterfront - Desa Park City

This is my first visit to Desa Park City and also this mall called Waterfront inside. Waterfront is some sort like a grand R&R to me. There's a lot of shops, restaurants and also boutiques. So yesterday night, Master C had invited us all to dine at one of the stall called The Steamboat.
The restaurant's concept was based on Pulau Ketam's seafood, or so it was said. The place had just opened not long ago hence the waiters being a bit havoc at some point. The design is some sort like B.B.Q Plaza. But the price for the food here is higher than B.B.Q Plaza.
I had ordered their Lamb Combo Set which consists of the usual, fish balls, yong tau foo, prawn, crab stick, minced fish, yau mak and etc. (please look at the picture above). The price for the set is RM 21.80.This is the Lamb which comes together with the standard 'accessories' mentioned above. This is the Beef set which Romiko had ordered and this comes together with the rest of the standard sets. The chillies is crucial for steamboat. So here is the two types of chillies which they have. On the right is the normal red chilly paste and the right (which I preferred) is the garlic green chilly paste. The latter is spicier and stronger in scent. So this is how my Tom Yam soup looks like before heating it up. Well it's quite sour and slightly spicy. They do offer the normal plain herbal soup if you prefer traditional style. This is how it looks like after I throw in all the food into the pot. Oh ya, their style is the same as Shabu Shabu which means all the visitors had their own pot. So in other word, it's more hygienic.

We were thinking that the portion wasn't enough for us all but at the end of the dinner most of us was quite full. Well I know I am. The place was packed around 8pm as there were a lot of families which visit this outlet. You can also opt to sit outside to view the park and also a man made lake (coming soon). The environment is really nice. (Rating : 3.5 out of 5.0)

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