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Sunday, February 8

John King @ 1Utama (2nd Visit)

This is my second visit to John King within a month. I was determined to try all their tart this time around. There were full range of their tarts or cookies when I arrived.

Finally I managed to try out their Lou Poh Peng (Wife Biscuit). The shape is a bit different from the one from Hong Kong but the stuff inside were the same. The outer layer of the cookie were really soft. The stuff inside wasn't that sweet so it's nice too eat. (RM4.50/5pcs)

So this is the cookies and tarts which I had purchased. Looked familiar? Big Apple familiar? Yes, the packing is the same I guess. I had purchased their Green Tea, Corn, White Milk, Coffee and Original Crispy which was different from the one I had previously. There is a special price for a half a dozen tarts (excluding Durian).

This is the Coffee Cookie which is not that sweet. Taste of the coffee isn't that strong but you can still taste the it. But I am not so into this cookie though.

Was curious to try this one out but it what I had expected it. The Green Tea tart was nice but I still like my tart in it's original way.

This is the Corn Tart which was nice. I like it as the taste was not that sweet and there were also some small corns inside of the tart which I really like.

This is the Pork Muffin (Char Siew Bao) which tasted really nice. The outer layer was soft and nice with the thick layer of margarine on the top which they applied on during the process. The pork inside was still quite juicy as I guess it's still fresh and warm. Definitely must try this one again on my next trip. (Rating: 3.7 out of 5.0)

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

I have tried the most famous Lou Poh Peng in HK which is from Yuen Long, the shape is exact the same, flat one.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

is it? cause my h/s told me the one she ate not like this wor. nvm la, her friend gonna ta pou from Yuen Long come back this week. will see.

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