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Thursday, January 15

Restaurant Spring Golden

Well since we're (OK, it's just me) in the Char Siew mood this week, just want to share another place for you all. Actually I was wondering where did I place this post as I can't find it in my post lists and even my pictures folder. Finally found out that it's actually from my previous blog. Well here it is, Restaurant Spring Golden in Sri Muda, Shah Alam.

I was reminded of this place by PreciousPea while chatting with her bout our Char Siew experience. I remembered that I had been to this place numerous times as I was working nearby previously. There is another branch at Glenmarie behind Meng Kee.

The place served the usual, chicken, duck and also the main attraction, pork or Char Siew. They occasionally do served goose on certain day of the week. Chicken wise, there's nothing much to brag about as it's just normal but not too bad. Siew Yuk was freshly made as the top layer skin was still crunchy when I sink my teeth into it. Just nice.

As for the Char Siew, well maybe they heard me wrong and given me too much lean portion. So it's a bit dry and hard. As you can see in the picture above it's not too say that juicy if compared with Meng Kee, Tian Hong or Soo Kee. From what I heard, Sri Muda is better than their Glenmarie branch. Maybe I like my pork to be more juicier and sweet.

Different people do have different taste. Someones pork might be someone else's chicken? Anyway, my verdict for this place is that it's not your average pork shop and do try out their goose if you have the chance. The duck wasn't that crispy too when I went over and try it out on my next trip. And they do serve complimentary fruits platter on my visit. Additional points for that. Their soup was also very nice which I need to mention in here. I am quite happy to say that I had tried most of the best served Char Siew in town from KL to PJ to Semenyih. Mission well accomplished. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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