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Saturday, October 11

Fatty Duck Teo Chew Stewed Duck - Taman Paramount

This is a placed which my brother like to visit a lot. As for me, I don't really fancy Stewed Duck but rather like Roasted Duck. But since it's so nice (according to them) so I think I might as well introduce this place for those who like Stewed Duck in Teo Chew style. The placed is located at the corner shop in Taman Paramount.
The place served rice and also their specialty white porridge which surprisingly tasted very good. It's those porridge with a lot of water rather than those thick one which I prefer. Their dishes is shown in front of the stall. So you can choose whatever you like and order.
So here's what my family had ordered for the night. This is their special salted vegetable which is a must if you eating here.
This is one of Teo Chew dish which you must order. It's their stewed eggs.
Here's the main dish. It's their Stewed Duck. The gravy is very tasty and not too thick. Meat was tender and not too dry. But still I like my duck roasted.
This is another must order dish which is the stewed pork. I am not sure if the gravy was the same as the eggs or not but it is really nice. You must mix the fat pork together when you order as it tasted better that way.
So what is Teo Chew dish without Tofu. What can I say, but it's soft. But I don't really dig this type of tofu though.

The whole dinner cost us RM52.80 and I think it's quite worth it with all the dishes that we ordered. There's vegetables, pork, duck and also eggs. What a balance good healthy dinner. And yes, we're all full and satisfied. But I prefer stewed pork which was prepared by my own grandma anytime. No doubt about it. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

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