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Saturday, November 29

Golden Egg Noodle

This is a place I randomly choose for lunch last Saturday with my family. It's located at Pusat Bandar Puchong. Same row as Old Town Kopitiam. The place serve noodles and also fried rice. The have 4 type of noodle which made from seaweed, coriander, pumpkin and chilli. The place was packed when I arrived but still managed to get a table inside.

So we had decided to try out their famous Dry Golden Pan Mee with Pumpkin Thin Noodle. Feedback from SIL and Romiko was positive. So I guess you can give this a try if you want.

Mom decided to try out their Dry Curry Chicken Pan Me which was quite OK but the scent wasn't that strong. Maybe I like my curry hot and spicy the way they should be.

As for me, I ordered their Golden Fried Rice which was alright. Nothing spectacular but just a decent fried rice with prawns and eggs. They didn't named the dish Golden for nothing now.

Mom wanted Dumpling so I had ordered 6 pcs of dumpling in soup. The dumping had a lot of coriander stuffed inside instead of meat. Well for those who like coriander, this is your favourite.

Altogether it was a nice lunch with slightly special type of noodle. They have this Golden Pan Mee which was recommended and I haven't got the chance to try it. Maybe I will come back and maybe not. But one thing for sure, I won't drive all the way to Puchong for this noodle. The whole meal cost me RM 38.00. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

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