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Sunday, March 29

Loong Foong Restaurant @ Taman Paramount

This has got to be the Top 3 best roast duck in town. It's on par with Sunrise and also the one at Damansara Uptown. The place I am referring to is Loong Foong at Taman Paramount. At a normal day you could see a queue starting from around 5pm and tables getting filled. During pre-CNY you can't even get a portion of duck if you didn't pre-order it earlier. Business is really that good over here. Believe me, I seen it.

So me and my babe ordered bottom halves portion for 2 pax. I had always said that I am into crispy skin type of roast duck, but this is an exemption. The scent and taste of herbs on the meat is so darn strong that you can smell it when you entered the restaurant. The meat is so tasty and juicy when you sink your teeth into it. But the portion was a bit stingy for us. So I wasn't that full at the end the meal. (RM 14/2 pax bottom halves)

So since I am not full I had decided to take away half a duck (bottom halves). Just kidding, this is for my future in laws. I had ordered bottom halves and the price is RM 24, but if you ordered half bottom half top it's RM 22. But at the end, this half a duck went down my stomach during 2nd round of dinner with my bro.

Other than roast duck they do sell Acar to go with it. But I am not into it so I didn't order. What makes the duck so tasty, well I guess it's the spice they use and also their expertise in controlling the fire during roasting time. So it's not that dry when you eat it. For those who live in PJ should have heard of this place before. Better be here quick as I think their duck will be finish around 7pm or so. Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

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