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Sunday, October 5

Ccozi & Friends - Sunway Pyramid

This place is located opposite Shih Ling inside Asia Avenue. So it isn't that hard to locate but if you really want to know it's exact location, it's Lot 127, F1 Asia Avenue. The place is called Ccozi & Friends. They served Korean streets food which is not bad from the pictures I saw in their menu. So I thought why not give it a try. We ordered one of their famous DDOCK BOK KI & Original Chicken Fried combo. Ddock Bok Ki simply means sliced rice cake. This is one of their famous street delicacy according to CP. So it's a must try. According to LP the dish was quite spicy. Don't really think but maybe it's just me. The fried chicken is very crunchy although it's covered with lots of their special sauce. (RM9.50)
Next LP ordered their Old-Time Korean Student Lunch Box. I think she's misses the time her mom made of this for her. lol~! Anyway it consists of steamed rice with egg, sliced chicken sausage and tuna kimchi. Just like it said, a student lunch box. And they really served it in a traditional lunch box too. Sweet. (RM8.00)
CP had ordered their DDOCK BOK KI with Korean Pancake with Squid. Another plate of Ddock Bok Ki was really too much for me. As it's very filling. But the pancake was quite nice but lacks ingredients. A little bit more prawns and squid won't hurt, right? lol~! (RM11.00)As if he's not already full, CP had also ordered another meal which is their famous Tuna Kimchi Mixed Rice or they called it Bimbibap. It's also one of their local delicacy as the food is served in a stone bowl which kept the warmth of the rice. I don't really dig kimchi so I have no comment on this dish.

Overall, the food over was nice and new for me. But maybe I stick with Japanese or Taiwan dishes as I don't really fancy Kimchi that much. And Kimchi is their famous delicacy. Ironic~! (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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