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Tuesday, October 16

Restaurant Hainan Curry Rice - Klang Bukit Tinggi

It's a Friday afternoon and I went down to Klang to take my lunch after an appointment at Meru. The place is called Restaurant Hainan Curry Rice. It's located at Bukit Tinggi, Klang. I forgot the exact address but it's the same row at Little Bali if you all know the square in Bkt Tinggi. Anyway, I had ate in this restaurant for god so many times. Cause they served one of the best Char Siew around the area. So let me go through the menu for the day.

I had ordered the usual Hainanese food that I normally eat. There is a lot more that they offer but this is what I recommend. Or rather what I like to eat .. hehe!! :) The first is the curry rice (duh!!). The normality is for the curry to be poured onto the white rice. Which I like a lot. hehe!
Than I will order the Char Siew and also the Spring Roll. Their Char Siew is not the usual one that we eat. As it's Hainan style Char Siew, it's fried and not roast. The crunchy sensation of the pork is very appetizing. It's not too dry and not too fattening also. So u must choose wisely when u order. As for the Spring Roll, it's also a must in the menu for me as it's very packed and also juicy. It's not the normal fried oily type but rather packed with it's essence of pork inside.
Than there is the Cabbage. The white cabbage. It's very plain but it's the essential in the Hainan dish. It's fresh and also crunchy to eat together with the curry rice.
There is also the Curry Mutton which is so tender and sweet. The smell of curry is just right and there is no smell of the mutton which normally the meat will produce.
Lastly you must order the Pig's Blood and Intestine's Soup. It's a bit spicy and it's very tasty too for those who love pig's blood that is.

For drink, what else but Hainan Coffee. hehe! You can have it hot or cold. But who in hell drink a cold hainan coffee? heck if I care... haha!!!! The damage for two person, less than RM 20.00. (Rating : 4.0 out of 5.0).

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