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Monday, May 4

Jalan Eng Kwee @ Penang Island

I am not too sure about the location of this shop too but I guess it's along Jalan Eng Kwee if I am not mistaken. It's famous for their Char Kuey Teow and also Cendol. I think this is gonna be my 3rd plate of Char Kuey Teow of the trip. Place was small and pack but luckily found a table to sit.

Walk over to the Char Kuey Teow Stall and order, and the guy give me a heads up as there is still 20 plates before mine. Since I am really looking forward to try this so I decided to wait and so did my other friends. Saw the lady cooking non stop the whole time and till one time, they ran out of kuey teow and calling it a day. Yes, business was really that good for them.

So here is my plate of Char Kuey Teow #3. Outlook is the best I saw from all the stall but I couldn't say the same bout the taste though. Taste was plain and nothing special. Was totally disappointed again. Has Penang's Char Kuey Teow really drop that much of it's quality?

Since I am waiting for my Char Kuey Teow, I had decided to order some side dishes to eat to ease my hungriness. Saw an old lady selling lobak. Yes, that is what I wanted to eat. Not too filling but just nice. Not much choices so I just choose the lobak.

Well I guess you can't really go wrong with Lobak. As long as it's hot and juicy, it's OK with me. But still they need to control the fire so that it won't over cook it.

To cleanse my thirst I had ordered their Cendol which I heard was superb. Or so I heard. People were queuing up to buy the drink. So I assume it would be true.

In came my cendol and I realized that we need to pay an extra 50 cents if you order in the cendol. There is two stall over there and the old lady serving drink will tell you that it's the same but trust me, it's not. Well that is what I heard from my friend at least.

Some of my friends decided to try out their Asam Laksa. Nothing much to brag about here. Just your typical Asam Laksa. And yes, I am not an Asam Laksa fans too. So don't expect me giving reviews on them in the future. :P

Overall the place was totally over rated and I am still not sure what is the buzz is all about. Char Kuey Teow was disappointing but people are still queueing up to take away and it was sold off even before dinner time. Weird~!

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