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Saturday, February 28

Weng Hing Pork Noodle @ Imbi

This has got to be one of my favorite pork noodle house. It's located at Jalan Imbi opposite the Honda showroom. Decided to pay the place a visit as I was going to Pavilion for shopping today. The place was packed when I arrived around 11am.

As usual, ordered myself a loh shi fun pork noodle with extra lard. When I say extra they really covered the whole noodle with pork. Believe me, underneath all those lard are some noodles too.

This is the sliced pork (Sum Kang Chong). I am not so fancy on these but nevertheless, I finished it up without any complaint.

Other then the pork noodle stall, other stall worth mentioning is the Char Keoy Teow and Egg Tart in front. At night, there is a Hokkien noodle stall outside which is really famous. So do come over in the morning for their pork noodle or Hokkien noodle at night if you're craving for some nice local food. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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