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Saturday, January 5

Big Apple Donut @ 1Utama

Big Apple Donut~! Who haven't eat or at least heard of the name by now. It's first branch was in The Curve behind The Apartment Restaurant. You can see a lot of people lining up just to buy the donuts there. And you were wondering what's so freaking special bout this donuts??? Well let me explain. As I am not so into donut too in the beginning and donuts for me is just another bread to me. As I had tried the Dunkin Donut before and it was just pure cream or icing of whatever u call it. It's just plain normal sweet donut.
But Big Apple Donut is really different. Well for me, the donuts is fresh baked and it's so soft. They offer around 10 over choices of donuts. Ranging from pure no topping donuts to Chocolate filled to Cheese and even Durian. Yup u heard me right, Durian and it's a favourite among my friends too. So I tot what the heck, I eat durian, so why not try it out. Don't get me wrong I had tried Big Apple a few times already and it was really nice. haha~ So that day I had ordered half a dozen to take away.

I had ordered the so called limited edition AVP chocolate, Durian, Coco, Nuts and Tiramisu filled with Peanut butter. The last one was my all time favourite. haha~ Damn nice. The inner side is filled with peanut. Damn nice. I had even tried all the flavour from J Co. Another donut franchise chain store. It's from Indonesia and it was recommended by MD.

So me and my colleague had bought 2 dozen of the donut (which mean we took all the flavours that they had offered). The conclusion we had is that, J Co donuts taste more sweeter than Big Apple and Big Apple still taste better and not to say cheaper too.

Half a dozen from Big Apple is RM 9.50 NETT while J Co cost around 11.20 ++. The flavour for both place is around the same but J Co do not offer the Durian flavour. Both my colleagues had tried Big Apple Donut and they too think it's more better. Well for those who didn't have the chance to try it yet. Wait the hell are u waiting for .. haha~ Now it's available in 1Utama, The Curve, Bukit Tinggi, NZS in Ara Damansara and some other places la... haha~ (Rating : 4.0 out of 5.0)

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